Claire is part of an independent multidisciplinary group, Kelowna Professional Group  

Appointments: Mondays - Fridays 

Claire is currently accepting new clients. 

Ms. Claire Benadé obtained a Master of Social Work from the University of Calgary in 2020 and is a Registered Social Worker on our team servicing Alberta. She lives in Airdrie, Alberta, and works remotely through our secure Jane Video platform, a virtual file program developed in Canada, which is compliant with the Health Professions Act in Canada. 


During COVID-19 remote services became widely used and our clients learned the benefits of seeking treatment from the comfort of their own home, accessing the video link with easy, and having the opportunity to attend to their treatment needs with no travel time.  We recommend a quiet office or home environment free of distraction, and Google Chrome as the platform for a clear video link.


Ms. Benadé has experience working with adults, adolescents, couples, and families. She has experience in treating depression, trauma, anxiety, grief/loss, addictions, financial and work stress, sexuality, gender identity, and family dynamics at home or in multigenerational relationships. She values a co-authorship for treatment goals, in a client-centered, trauma-informed approach.  She is trained in contemporary Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and brief (4 to 6 session) Solution-Focused Therapy.  For couples seeking improved relationships, Ms. Benadé utilizes the Gottman method for relationship analysis to achieve marital/relationship stability.  She enjoys helping couples and individuals through the use of her arsenal of core competencies which includes a wide range of techniques to choose from for the best suited approach for each individual/family.


Ms. Benade can help you in your Alberta community, from your comfortable (distraction free) space, to establish rapport with ease in a video link. In fact, adolescents of this generation find this a preferred method of engagement.  Adults and couples, once they have tried this, appreciate the comfort and efficiency of dedicating an hour at their own office or home to tend to their personal mental health.  Appointments are 50 minutes with 10 minutes set aside to plan for the next treatment session, at a billing rate of $200.00 per hour.  If you require a 90 minute first visit to cover your history well, or for couples who prefer more time to discuss matters, these appointments are available through our admin team to begin with, and then through on-line bookings once your are set up.  These lengthier appointments are at the billing rate of $300.00 per session with a ten-minute treatment planning after 80 minutes.  For those with coverage through work, Registered Social workers are typically covered, and once you confirm this with your coverage provider, you can provide the receipt which is mailed to you the same day, which allows reimbursement with ease.  Ms. Benadé can consult with your physician of care, with your permission, if you wish a team approach to address matters of health, or to coordinate therapy combined with medication management.

Ms. Benadé is in a long-term relationship, and they are enjoying parenthood. As a member of the University of Calgary Rowing Team in both her undergraduate and graduate studies she remains dedicated to a balanced life with fitness and diet that works for a working Mom.  From her history of athletics, she has a passion for working with sports related issues and general health and wellness.  She can also consult with our entire team of practitioners across B.C., and Ontario, to better your treatment plan as necessary. Your information is always kept confidential, but a team of multidisciplinary practitioners in the background is of value to you for unique presentations and complex medical matters.

"Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but, importantly, you are not the rain." — Matt Haig

Ms. Benadé is accepting new clients now and is available to support you in what you already know, play to your strengths, empower you, and help guide you with her training and knowledge as you achieve your treatment goals. Let the journey begin!

Ms. Claire Benadé completed her Masters of Social Work degree at the University of Calgary.  She is registered under the Alberta College of Social Workers (#15630). 

There are special insurance considerations when choosing Claire Benadé as your clinician. Claire Benadé is a Registered Social Worker. If you are planning on seeking reimbursement for sessions with Claire, please ensure that you contact your insurance company to confirm if they will reimburse sessions for a registered social worker.