Dr. Daniel Clegg

Appointments: Monday-Thursday 9:00am-5:00pm 

Dr. Clegg is currently accepting new clients. 


Dr. Clegg uses evidence-informed practices and enjoys an eclectic approach to therapy and assessment which integrates cognitive behavioral therapies (e.g., desensitization, cognitive restructuring, and dialectical approaches) with humanistic theories (e.g., person-centered, narrative, existential, psychodynamic) and mindfulness-based therapies. When appropriate he implements short-term and solution-focused therapies. He values establishing a therapeutic relationship and learning about you as an individual in order to choose the right combination of therapeutic approaches for your consideration. He is non-judgmental and accepting, with a respectful demeanour and a genuine curiosity about clients’ stories. His collaborative approach is focused on finding paths forward in mental health and well-being, relationships, social connections, and deeper meaning, under the overarching goal of fulfilling your therapeutic agenda.

He enjoys working with a diverse clientele and has experience working with people of a variety of spiritualties, cultures, and social circumstances. He tailors his approach to each client’s individual needs, learning styles, and desires.

Some of the areas in which he provides treatment are:

  • Anxiety (e.g., generalized, social, OCD)
  • Depression and grief
  • Psychological support for medical conditions
  • Identity, values, and worldview consolidation
  • Meaning and purpose development
  • Relationship skills for individuals
  • Self-image, relationship to body and exercise
  • Sleep issues (e.g., insomnia, depression)
  • Stress (e.g., at work & school, in relationships)
  • Substance use and addiction
  • Trauma (e.g., acute stress, post-traumatic stress, historical or current abuse)

He will assess for the purpose of treatment, and he also offers a range of assessments in the area of mental health which can result in clinical diagnoses.

Dr. Clegg earned his PhD in Counselling Psychology from UBC in 2020, and registered as a psychologist in March 2023 after a post-doctoral research fellowship. He earned his MA in Counselling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology and his BA in Honours Psychology from the University of the Fraser Valley. Prior to his registration as a psychologist, Dr. Clegg had been a Certified Canadian Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association since 2012 and has worked in the mental health field since 2007. He is a published author in counsellor training and critical educational theory, including his dissertation and post-doc research, and has lectured and taught counselling psychology at a graduate level. He is a member of the Canadian Psychological Association and the Canadian Register of Health Service Psychologists.

Dr. Clegg’s administrative staff here at Kelowna Psychologists Group can assist you in direct billing to many insurance agencies. Please contact our administration staff to discuss your particular insurance provider’s coverage options, and to set your first appointment. Subsequent appointments can be scheduled through our online service, or with our staff.