Appointments: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and                     Friday 9 am to 2 pm

Dr. Driscoll is currently accepting new clients on an individually reviewed, case by case basis and has limited availability.

Dr. Jessica Driscoll is a registered psychologist in the province of British Columbia.  Dr. Driscoll received her Masters and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Forensic Psychology from Simon Fraser University and has worked in several community and forensic settings in Nova Scotia, Alberta, and British Columbia.

Dr. Driscoll adopts a collaborative therapeutic and assessment approach with her clients in working towards a client's personal goals and improved emotional and behavioural functioning.  She has extensive experience working with a broad range of psychological problems experienced by adolescents and adults, and when appropriate, strives to include community and family supports in a client's long-term care plan.

Dr. Driscoll also provides comprehensive psychological and risk assessments, and has been qualified as an expert in the Canadian Courts.  She provides consultation to numerous partners within the legal system and the community regarding the implementation of effective risk management plans for individuals in trouble with the law, as well as numerous other areas of Forensic Psychology.