It is with great sadness that we recall the passing of Dr. Liesle Young. We will remember her as kind, thoughtful, authentic, and humble.

As you may be aware, Kelowna Psychologists Group has opened a trust for Dr. Young's son, Brody Paterson-Young. This is accessible to anyone who wishes to contribute.  We will be honoured to assist Brody with his adult milestones through this trust driven by Dr. Young's professional friends, just as she would have assisted her son; and, we hope to then share with Brody what an amazing woman we had the pleasure of knowing.

If you wish to participate in this trust with Dr. Young’s colleagues, you can offer a “time-capsule” item, sentiment or memory, and some may choose to offer a memory and a donation to Brody’s Trust fund.  On attaining the age of majority, Brody will be gifted with a collection of treasured mementos offering him a glimpse at the kind of person that his mother was during her time with us, and an expression of the gratitude that we feel for having been touched by Dr. Young in a way that will live forever in our hearts.

For information, or to make a donation, please issue cheque or money orders to Thomas Butler LLP, and on the cheque indicate:  Attn.: Jim Ramsay, re: Brody Paterson-Young Trust Fund.  Mr. Ramsay will be collecting the funds to be invested, and Dr. Heather McEachern (or a Psychologist assignee of her choosing for the trust) will oversee delivering the time capsule and funds to Brody in his young adulthood.  Time capsule items will be safely stored at Kelowna Psychologists Group.

D. James Ramsay, 
Thomas Butler LLP.
Phone: 250 763-0200