Vincent is part of our affiliate sister group, Kelowna Professional Group

Appointments: Monday through Thursday, 9am to 5pm; Fridays 9am to 3pm




The Clinical Triage System was created in order to provide you with the opportunity to determine the type of  therapy and/or  assessment that is right for you.  The clinical triage session will involve an evaluation of your needs, which Mr. Matlo will ascertain by gathering relevant background information about you (for example, your family and relationship background, medical or treatment history, etc.) as well as details about your present circumstances and identified areas of concern.  This information will assist him in providing you with some initial clinical impressions. He will summarize his first impressions of your presenting concerns and use his knowledge and skills to assist you in identifying a best-fit treatment provider, thus setting a plan in motion.  With your consent, he will provide a written summary of the triage session, including discussed goals and action plan, to the appropriate treatment provider.


Mr. Matlo also provides individual counselling services to adolescents and adults presenting with anxiety, depression, stress, and grief.

Mr.. Matlo is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC #14391) and Master of Education and brings over 20 years of experience.  He builds a strong relationship with his clients, in a collaborative and transparent role to achieve their goals.

For more information, they can be contacted by phone at (250) 762-2525 or by email